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On 1 September 1997, Computer Related Technologies & Associates, Inc. announced the acquisition of Pointing The Way, a Northwestern Lower Michigan internet service provider founded in February of 1996. As a result of this acquisition, Pointing The Way's name was changed to Infinite Communications, Inc. and became a wholly owned subsidiary of CRT & Associates, Inc. With the purchase of Infinite Communications, CRT became better equipped to address the internet needs of its business clientele while opening a door to a market not previously pursued by CRT & Associates-–the home internet user.

Infinite Communications delivers a variety of internet solutions to businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout its service area. These solutions include: site and domain hosting, dial-up and dedicated connections, e-mail accounts, web site design and web commerce, etc. Its goal is to develop and maintain long-term partnerships with its customers by providing critical internet products and services which significantly contribute toward a client's growth, development, goal achievement, or personal enjoyment. These objectives are accomplished by developing a strong understanding of its customers' needs and by providing the highest level of customer service. While receiving fair compensation for its work, Infinite Communications is firmly committed toward pricing its products and services toward developing and maintaining long-term relationships with its customers, not only in its current markets, but in ever increasing geographic areas as well.

Regardless of the product desired, the staff at Infinite Communications are available to assist the experienced and novice internet customer alike in their internet service selections. In order to aide customers in this regard, Infinite Communications employs individuals having the following combination of education and experience:

  • Masters of Science Degree in Business Administration and Bachelors Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Information Management, and Business Administration.
  • A combination of over sixty years of experience selling, installing, maintaining, and servicing numerous computer operating systems and sub-systems including: Unix, Windows XP, and Windows NT.
  • Extensive background in database programing, network (UNIX; Windows and NT; Novell, and Lantastic) and internet administration, technical writing, desktop publishing, and project management.
Infinite Communications' parent organization, CRT & Associates, Inc. is a privately held company, with offices in Dollar Bay and Traverse City, MI, that specializes in providing a variety of advanced computer, database and process management, and internet solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the United States and Canada.
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