Acceptable Use Policy
As a member of Infinite Communications' Web Community, with all its rights and privileges, you are bound to the Infinite Communications' Acceptable Use Policy. As such, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Also, as a member, you understand that the Internet can and does become unavailable from time to time. And as a member you agree that costs and damages, if any, which may arise from these outages are yours alone, regardless of the cause. You recognize that you have a choice in service providers, and that in no way are bound to use Infinite Communications as your provider. You understand that Infinite Communications has in no way provided a warranty of service and because of the nature of the Internet, could not provide a warranty. Infinite Communications reserves the right to make modifications and adjustments to its service as it sees fit, and without prior notice. Infinite Communications also reserves the right to terminate or deny service to any member or potential member.

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